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Female swimmers swimming in pool

Ready Steady Splash Presents: Life Changing Adult Swim Lessons in the Heart of Norwich

Ready Steady Splash offers adult swim lessons at convenient pools in and around Norwich. Dive into a personalised swimming journey, enhancing your skills and water confidence.

Friendly Atmosphere

DBS Checked

Free Parking

Unlock Your Swimming Potential With Our Adult Swimming Lessons

Ready Steady Splash provides high-quality swimming lessons for all ages in Norwich. We aim to create a relaxed and fun environment that students look forward to attending each week. At Ready Steady Splash, we specialize in adult swimming lessons tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a parent, nan, grandad or just deciding its time to start learning contact us today for more information.

An adult swimming in a swimming pool at a pace

Become a Confident Swimmer with Ready Steady Splash!

Discover the pleasure of swimming at any age with our adult swim lessons. Our expert instructors tailor lessons to your needs, creating a supportive environment for confidence-building and stroke refinement. A personalised journey that will help you to unlock your full potential in the water.

Read what our customers say for yourself!

"Adult Beginner Swimming lessons have improved my confidence in the water. Upon first starting adult beginner swimming lessons, I was very nervous and was quickly put at ease! You can take the lessons at your pace, so you feel completely confident when you are in the water. Definitely recommend for nervous swimmers who have had bad experiences in the water at some point in their earlier life.

I just can't wait to start teaching my son to swim with the skills learnt from Ready Steady Splash! The price is also very reasonable and I was even able to split the payment into two, which was very helpful in todays trying times! Really happy with my swimming instructor, she is amazing and I can't thank her and the team enough!!!"

Adults, Ready To Swim? Book A Lesson Now!

Looking for swimming lessons in Norwich? Based across Norwich we offer swimming lessons for adults of all ages and levels! Book with us at Ready Steady Splash to book your appointment today and take the first step towards becoming a confident swimmer!

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