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"Don't just take our Word For it"



Oscars had great fun with Paige at swimming lessons, and is loving the fact he will be able to swim for his holiday and enjoys putting his face under water which he used to dislike

Both Finn and Amber love the teachers and helpers in their lessons who make it fun and encourages them when they need to and have lots of patience

We can't thankyou enough for giving Toby the confidence to be in water again. From not wanting to go swimming, get in the pool, screaming and being scared of woggles to putting his head underwater, jumping in and being so much more confident. 



My little boy loves his swimming lessons, ever since he started Hannah and Lisa have worked so hard with him and the progress we are seeing is amazing, I can't thank them both enough


The staff are amazing at Ready Steady Splash, the fun you all bring to your lessons, the smile on Finns face after every lesson - always so proud of himsef


We absolutely love the personalised approach to Ready Steady Splash, Lessons are tailored to each child's abilities and priorities swim safety.

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