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Baby Swimming Lessons

1. Start Early:

Many experts recommend starting baby swimming lessons early, at an early stage babies still have a natural affinity for water and are usually more receptive to swimming experiences.

2. Why choose Ready Steady Splash:

We are a well-established and reputable local family run swim school to help deliver classes to you and your babies needs. We ensure that our instructors are experienced in working with infants and know how best to tailor our lesson plans around a gentle dynamic approach to help your baby with not only gaining confidence in water but help improve cognitive function, build important muscles, improve co-ordination and improve sleeping patterns.

3. Parent-Child Classes:

Baby swimming lessons often involve parents or caregivers participating in the water with their infants. This helps build trust between the baby and the adult while creating a bonding experience.

4. Gentle Introduction:

If it is your first few classes we will not force any baby or child but we gradually introduce your baby to water, sometimes at the start of joining our classes babies cant fulfil their full lesson, this is perfectly normal, we understand their cues and will honour these, with time babies go on to enjoy the full lesson, without force.

For availabilty on our baby swimming classes contact Hannah on 07378839922

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